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Ministry of Finance

Mi/Li workshop for the Executive club of the Ministry of Finance

"Clalit" Health Services

Mi/Li workshop for "Clalit" Health Services


Mi/Li Workshop for Marketing and Innovation Team at Bezeq

HR Israel Convention

Mi/Li workshop for HR Israel Convention

Strauss Water

Management reserves at Strauss Water

"Mizrachi Tfachot" Bank

Mi/Li workshop for "Mizrachi Tfachot" Bank -With the inspiration of Nicolas Nickson

Marketing Team at Clicktale

Mi/Li workshop for Clicktale


Mi/Li workshop for Payoneer

"Meuchedet" Health Services

"Meuchedet" Clinic Managers convention

Clicktale Hr Team

Mi/Li workshop - Clicktale

Sheba Hospital Managment

Sheba Hospital Managment - Mi/Li workshop

Training Managers

Mi/Li workshops for Training Managers

"Clalit" Health Service

Mi/Li workshop - "Clalit" Health Services

HR Managers

Hr Managers - Mi/Li Workshop

Tut Coachers

Tut Coachers

"Mazmichim" Assosiation

Uniqueness workshop at "Mazmichim" Assosiation

Meuchedet Nurses

Nurses at Meuchedet Health Services

"Selfi" Workshop

"Selfi" Workshop - "Ironi Daled" high school

Sheba Hospital

Sheba academic medical center hospital- Farewell workshop

Bezeq's legal advisors

Workshop Bezeq's legal advisors

We provide exploratory workshops around a question with the help of tools from the world of photography.

Each workshop is custom designed according to the needs and wishes of the organization.  They enable employers and colleagues to become more familiar with one another on a personal level and as members of a group. 

The workshop is built after meeting with the client to understand the organization’s needs and to clarify the question to be explored.

For example, What color do I bring to management? 

Leadership for me is…? 

What is unique or different about me that I contribute to the staff? 


Mi/Li workshops offer a brief getaway from the routine of day-to-day life, bolster motivation and take you on a personal and collective journey. We transform a smiling moment into ongoing conversation, reflection and speculation.

Part One: Making Acquaintance and Getting Inspired

In a world that is accustomed to seeking inspiration from the outside, our workshop says, “Come, let us find our inspiration from within”.  


We begin the day by making acquaintance with the world of photography and drawing inspiration from it.  Iconic Images by renowned photographers’ are projected for the group on a large screen to spark contemplation and as a starting point for discussion about the singular qualities that each work embodies.  As this conversation transpires, participants are encouraged to begin identifying something of themselves in the various photographic styles and images.  


Part Two: Practical Tools for Photography

Participants get acquainted with practical tools and knowledge about photography as a medium.  For example, How do you photograph intimacy?  How do you send a message to viewers with a photograph?  How do you photograph beauty? How do you stage a photograph?


Part Three: Personal / Group Task

For this part we set forth from the studio together to perform our task using our cell phones.  To kindle the ongoing personal creative process, we visit studios of neighboring artists and wander the streets surrounding the studio.  Our studio is located in the heart of the Tel Aviv art scene, where leading artists forge their creations indoors as well as on the surrounding concrete walls.

For the task, participants use the tools and knowledge they received to explore and photograph the answer to the question of the workshop.


Part  Four: Analysis of Images

We gather together to analyze the pictures we photographed for the task.  This stage of the workshop generates meaningful reflection, learning and discovery among participants.


Part Five: Studio Photograph

Portraits are taken in the studio with subjects holding up a word they have written on handheld chalk boards.  The portraits capture the moment of discovery and becomes a cherished keepsake of the event. 


* The workshop includes a digital page with pictures documenting the day.  


Printed products for souvenirs/gifts-

You choose the format that best suits your wishes/needs:


●     A collage of all participants together in digital or printed format. 

●     A framed picture

●     Printed double-sided postcards